The FI-WARE accelerators and their funding opportunities

The Futute Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP) is a funding programme established by the European Commission and European industry with twofold aim: 1) to increase the effectiveness of business processes and of the operation of infrastructures supporting applications in several sectors such as transport, health, or energy; 2) to derive possible innovative business models in these sectors, strengthening the competitive position of European industry in domains like telecommunication, mobile devices, software and service industries, content providers and media.

The programme has been divided into three main phases, as illustrated in the figure below.

Overview of the FI-PPP Programme.

Overview of the FI-PPP Programme.

Phase 1 has been dedicated to the technology foundation of the Future Internet platform and to the use case definition. The main outcome of phase 1 has been the development of what is supposed to be the European Future Internet infrastructure and which has been developed in the scope of the FI-WARE project. In addition, a set of vertical scenarios in different industrial sectors have been defined. The project funded in Phase 2 had mainly the responsibility to develop the use case pilots and platforms and to set up the infrastructure. The most important phase for startups and entrepreneurs is Phase 3, during which a set of application and services which use the FI-WARE infrastructure will have to be developed. The formula for the funding and development of innovative application and services has been the following. At the beginning of 2014, the programme has funded 16 projects, which are basically groups of various institutions with innovation related background, such as incubators, accelerators, business schools, etc. These consortia, which have been called FI-WARE accelerators, have the responsibility to provide funding and training for innovative application and services developed on top of the FI-WARE platform. The programme has been called FI-WARE Accelerator Programme and has a total funding available of 80 Million Euro. It is introduced in the video below.

A list of the accelerators is reported below, together with their domains of interest, dates of the first open call for applications and funding available for the selected applications.


Short description: CEED Tech is a consortium of five startup accelerators, operating in Central and Eastern Europe
Domains: Smart cities, Energy & Environment, Media & Content, Manufacturing & Logistics
1st open call: 15th September – 14th December 2014
Funding: Between 30.000 and 250.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: CreatiFI’s main objectives are to bridge the innovation gap between European Creative Industries and other regions in the world, while also boosting Europe’s unique strengths of cultural diversity, which define its creative output.
Domains: Media and Content
1st open call: 1st October – 30th November 2014
Funding: Up to 150.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: it aims to enlarge the number of web-entrepreneurs in the field of media in Europe and especially to implement successful state-of-the-art businesses in this field.
Domains: Smart Cities, Media and Content, Social and Learning
1st open call: 1st September – 31 October 2014
Funding: between 60.000 and 260.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: it aims to foster the innovation and web-entrepreneurship ecosystem for 3D printing in Europe bringing together FI assets, infrastructures and investors with innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of design manufacturing, logistics andcontent-based services to establish the European Network of Manufacturing Innovation Labs.
Domains: Media and Content, Manufacturing and Logistics
1st open call: opens on 1st November
Funding: between 50.000 and 250.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: The FI-ADOPT accelerator will create a technological and business ecosystem in which SMEs and web-entrepreneurs will be supported to develop highly innovative applications for corporate and citizen’s learning/training, healthy behaviour shaping and social integration purposes.
Domains: eHealth, Social & Learning
1st open call: 15th September – 30th October
Funding: 1.7 Million Euro in total for the first call


Short description: FI-C3’s aim is to promote projects by SMEs and web-entrepreneurs relating to innovative products/services in three business domains: smart territories (smart city guides; smart city platforms; smart city services…), media & contents (multimedia augmented reality; transmedia/crossmedia devices; video games…), and care & well-being (smart home; indoor position; personalized connected media…).
Domains: Smart cities, eHealth, Media & Content
1st open call: opens on 1st November
Funding: between 50.000 and 150.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: Future Internet CHallenge eHealth (FICHe) aims to accelerate SMEs and startups that develop innovative applications in the eHealth domain using FIWARE technology. FICHe will provide SMEs or startups with direct funding, technical training and business coaching.
Domains: eHealth
1st open call:15th September – 31st October 2014
Funding: up to 217.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: The FInish project will foster the development and operation of intelligent systems for supply chains of perishable products such as food or flowers. Application is open for SMEs and web-entrepreneurs.Separate competitions for natural persons will also be organized.
Domains:Transport, Agrifood, Media and Content
1st open call: opens end of October 2014
Funding: up to 150.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: the Finodex project will use FIWARE technologies as well as the reuse of open data to promote the creation of innovative ICT (software and/or hardware) services and products for the market in different business sectors (environment, health, transport, finance and bottom up). Applications are open to European SMEs, individuals or groups of individuals up to four members.
Domains: eHealth, Transport, Energy and Environment
1st open call: 7th October – 19th December 2014
Funding: between 10.000 and 170.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: FRACTALS aims to support the community of innovative ICT SMEs and web-entrepreneurs to develop FIWARE based applications with high market potential, addressing the needs of the agricultural sector.
Domains: Agrifood
1st open call: 30th November 2014 – 28th February 2015
Funding: between 50.000 and 150.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: frontierCities aims to support the development and deployment of smart mobility solutions for cities. The goal of frontierCities is to bring the benefits of smart mobility solutions, which enhance mobility and quality of life, to European cities.
Domains: Transport
1st open call: 20th November 2014 – 14th January 2015
Funding: between 50.000 and 150.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: The IMPACT project will facilitate the promotion and early adoption of FIWARE Technologies focusing on mobile technologies through a support program for start-ups.
Domains: Smart cities, Media and Content, Social and Learning
1st open call: 29th September – 7th November 2014
Funding: up to 100.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: INternet Cleantech ENablers Spark (INCENSe) project aims to foster innovation and high-tech employment in the European ENERGY sector by developing a cross border initiative across Europe.
Domains: Smart cities, Energy and Environment
1st open call: 15th October 2014 – 15th January 2015
Funding: up to 150.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: SmartAgriFood aims to provide farmers and agricultural producers throughout Europe with ICT products (services and applications) ready for immediate use through an open and easily accessible online marketplace.
Domains: Agrifood
1st open call: 15th September – 15th November 2014
Funding: up to 100.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: SOUL-FI is seeking to promote the development of products and/or services that take advantage of real time information, open and crowd-sourced data. SOUL-FI is open for ideas based on FIWARE technologies that make the best of what the Internet of Things has to offer. Applications must address the domain of smart cities and sustainable mobility.
Domains: Smart cities, Transport, Energy and Environment, Social and Learning
1st open call: opens from 2nd September with several cut-off dates
Funding: 10.000 or 75.000 Euro per funded application


Short description: SpeedUP! Europe will provide specific ground-breaking coordination and innovative support actions to teams developing innovative services in the areas of AgriBusiness, Smart Cities and Clean Tech.
Domains: Smart cities, Energy and Environment, Agrifood
1st open call: 5th September – 10th December
Funding: up to 50.000 Euro per funded application


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