Connected radiators and the end of the thermostat

After Google acquired Nest a couple of years ago, the smart thermostat market has rapidly accelerated and has seen the emergence of several new companies. The US market has largely been dominated by Nest, with a couple of new versions released, and by Ecobee with their HomeKit compatible thermostat equipped with remote sensors. Interesting smart thermostat activity has also happened in Europe last year. Tado, a Germany-based thermostat which was born as the European alternative to Nest, and Netatmo, a French based company which designs smart home products, have consolidated their market and dominated the thermostat space. Basically these companies have upgraded traditional thermostats with IoT technology, such as presence detection, geofencing functionalities, intelligent algorithms for learning user habits, intuitive user interfaces, etc. Besides bringing cool and intuitive monitoring and control functionalities (like interacting with the thermostat by means of an app, by voice … [Read more...]