The FI-WARE accelerators and their funding opportunities

The Futute Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP) is a funding programme established by the European Commission and European industry with twofold aim: 1) to increase the effectiveness of business processes and of the operation of infrastructures supporting applications in several sectors such as transport, health, or energy; 2) to derive possible innovative business models in these sectors, strengthening the competitive position of European industry in domains like telecommunication, mobile devices, software and service industries, content providers and media. The programme has been divided into three main phases, as illustrated in the figure below. Phase 1 has been dedicated to the technology foundation of the Future Internet platform and to the use case definition. The main outcome of phase 1 has been the development of what is supposed to be the European Future Internet infrastructure and which has been developed in the scope of the FI-WARE project. In addition, a … [Read more...]