Smart Home 2015 highlights

I don't know whether we can say that 2015 has been the year of the Smart Home. There is still a lot of work to do for mass adoption. But we can surely say that there has been a lot going on and that important steps have been taken towards a wide deployment of smart home technologies. At ModoSmart our main focus is on the design and development of smart heating and cooling solutions, and I'm mainly involved in smart home platforms and low power networking protocols. Therefore, these are the three main smart home building block which I have been closely following in 2015 and which I try to summarize in this post. Smart heating has officially taken off  Almost two years ago Google acquired Nest. The operation was declared insane and there were speculations on the fact that Google wasn't really interested in the smart home and smart heating market, but it would have rather been interested in the Nest's team skills in designing IoT products. That is partly true, but the exciting … [Read more...]

Surfing the Smart Home “Weave”

Smart home and smart building technologies have progressed enough  over the last few years and promise a considerable market in the next future. Large players like Apple, Google and Amazon, which have never been in the domain, have adopted different strategies to try to jump in the game as early as possible. In this post I'll try to briefly recap their recent moves. Apple has created HomeKit, a smart home platform with the aim to seamlessly integrate smart home devices and iOS devices. Apple's vision is that an Iphone would be able to control different devices by means of a single integrated app or by using Siri speech recognition functionality. Each compatible device has a unique code which can be scanned with the smartphone in order to be recognized in a very easy plug and play fashion. HomeKit was announced last year but only recently the first devices have started to appear. The main reason of the delay has been that HomeKit devices need a dedicated chip for strict security … [Read more...]